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I’ve been very fortunate to work with many celebrities over the years. Some were yet to be established, and others already made a name for themselves.

In all, I noticed a common denominator. They don’t force, they are very easy to be with, and take direction well. There is always a sense that there is an underlying will and power to reach their goals.

As a celebrity headshots photographer, in most cases I’ve never felt a resistance or attitude that would get in the way. Usually there is something unmistakable about their quality that stands out.

They recognize the challenge of the industry but are not intimated by the process. Yes, talent is essential, but a part of that talent is being comfortable with oneself and not giving your power away in high-pressure situations.

This is that “extra” thing they all seem to have in common. It’s very rewarding for me to be a part of an actor’s successful career.  I believe if one is focused, intelligent, and grounded in the truth of who they are, opportunities will present themselves.

Acting is a feeling business. It succeeds when truth is shared.

Celebrities are artists that have an innate ability to tap into the human condition and share it in a real and open way. It all starts from that first audition by walking into a casting session with a sense of what you are selling and knowing they want what you’ve got. Celebrities just seem to have a sense of this from the very beginning.

David, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You’re the best!!!
– Owen Beckman "The Mentalist"

Celebrities I’ve had the privilege of working with and photographing:

From left to right

Cindy Crawford - Super Model
Sean William Scott - "American Pie”
Jackie Chan - “Rush Hour”
Rena Sofer - “Bold And The Beautiful”
Malora Hardin  - “The Office”
Kirsten Dunst - “Melancholia”, “Spider Man”
Vanessa Williams - “666 Park Avenue” 
Wally Kurth - “General Hospital”
David Filipiak - Model
Bill Moseley - “Texas Chain Massacre”
Tara Lipinsky - Olympic Gold Medalist
Ali Landry - “Miss USA”
Mel Torme - Legend Jazz Legend
Briana Brown - “Devious Maids”
Al Ruscio - “God Father Part III”
Steve Wilder - “Iron Man 3”
Maggie Grace - “Taken”
Walter Koenig - “Chekov in Star Trek”
Stuart Damon - “General Hospital”
Patrick Fluger - “Foot Loose”
Carmen Romano - “Blues Brothers” 
James Darren - “TJ Hooker”
Richard Cox - "Cruising”
Elena Sanchez - “Hunger Games”
Scott Wolf - "Party Of Five”
Warren Moon -  NFL Quarterback
Ed Asner - “Mary Tyler Moore”
Ahna O’Reilly - “The Help”
Alison Lohman - “White Oleander”
Brady Corbet - “Melancholia”
Lisa Robin Kelly - “That 70’s Show”
Curtis Armstrong - “Risky Business”
Mark Dacascos - “Hawaii 5-0”
Laura Kaeppler - “Miss America 2012”
Jack Palance - “City Slickers”
Charissa Thompson - “Fox Sports Live” 
Jaleel White - Erkel - "Family Matters”
Tia Texada - “The Amazing Spiderman”
Herbie Hancock - Jazz Legend
Erika Christensen - “Parenthood”, “Traffic”
Pam Tillis - Grammy Award Winning Singer
Eric Close - “Without A Trace”
Richard Dean Anderson - "MacGyver”, "Stargate"
Tiffany Fallon - Playmate 2005
John Capodice - “Wallstreet”
Great White Band
Jason Behr - “Roswell”
Rae Dawn Chong - “The Color Purple”

Other Celebrities include:

Dennis Quaid - “The Big Easy”, "The Rookie"
Steven Siegal - “Under Siege"
Wes Studi - “Avatar", "Heat”
Tommy Chong - “Cheech And Chong”
Billy Blanks - 7 Time Karate Champion
Yvette Brown - “Community”
Morgan Fairchild - “Flamingo Road”
Priscilla Barnes - “Three’s Company"
Joe Walsh - The Eagles
Scott Paige - Pink Floyd
Chris Squire - Yes
Trevor Rabin - Yes
Verdine White - Earth, Wind, And Fire

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