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There are two important things that must be taken into consideration for marketing your photograph to the business world. It should look professional, and secondly, people must look at the photo and feel they can trust you.

When I approach any publicity session I always keep these two things in mind. Too often business photos are stiff and without the openness to draw viewers in. I always discuss with you the type of photo you envision in the marketplace. Most clients prefer a photo with the set amount of distractions. This can change with more creative options in the lighting and backgrounds. If the photos are more relaxed I will use a more natural setting.

I have gone on location if the client prefers something more specific. The picture should capture your confidence. It’s imperative that a sense of trust is coming through that photo. You can have all the best lighting, makeup, and outfits but if the result is stiff, it will not come across as well. You want to avoid anything that takes you away from your power. What I mean by this is that confidence is the number one factor in people being drawn to the image. If something does not real right and makes you feel uncomfortable it will show up on the photograph.

I went in for headshots and I came away with a brand.
Carolanne Rohrs

I always interact with my clients to make them feel more comfortable. Unlike actors that have been in front of the camera for years, a business person may need more direction. I always believe that simplicity is the key and when relaxed it will come off as genuine. A photo session can be fun, relaxed and creative. It starts with identifying the way you would like to come across and working together making sure that it comes through in an open and honest way.

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