Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer

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There is a difference between a portrait style photograph and a fashion photographer. Fashion is about a mood that translates to the look. There must be a feeling of openness to make a photograph work. The reason top models are making so much money is because they allow themselves to surrender to the moment and feel.

I like shooting fashion on location as well as in the studio. What makes it fun is the attitude that we capture. We want a great fashion shot to move us. There must be a sense of creativity, fun, and confidence. A photo works best when there is an expression of emotion in the photo. I enjoy playing with the various lighting setups, along with compositions, making the photo as creative as possible. I also try and keep every photo session fresh and spontaneous. As a fashion photographer, when I take risks it allows my clients to do the same.

“Thank you so much for an incredible day. I loved working with you. I can't wait for the moments you captured!"
- Eleana Lavourgas: "Miss Teen America"

I had a lot of experience by working as a model in Europe as well as San Francisco and here in Los Angeles. Just being in the market and working with many great fashion photographers enabled me to feel comfortable behind the camera. What I learned was very invaluable and allowed me to bring it to my work. Just look through any of the number of fashion magazines and you can see how mood is such an important element.

I always encourage clients to bring in an assortment of looks each with different textures and colors. Scarfs, boots and layers- anything that layers that photograph with feeling helps. In the end, it's all about coming across as confident and showing how well you can sell the product. I always work with my clients to break through any restriction that can get in the way of achieving that feeling that will unquestionably sell the shot.

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