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I started my business working with kids photography and still continue today.

The simple philosophy I use with each photo session is that, “Kids must be kids.” For this, it’s important to have their personality jump out in a natural and spontaneous manner.

“Great job David! Thank you for working so well with our kids."
- Rich Little

I always recommend to parents that kids wear clothes they are comfortable with. Layered, textured and colorful colors always add a dimension to the photograph.

In the past, zed cards were used showing different looks and expressions along with props. Today, because of the internet, it’s important to have an assortment of different looks. Most kids are taken up close because of being viewed by thumbnails, so it’s more important to have personality come through and the photo to pop. For girls it’s good to have different hairstyles so that the casting director can see the range of looks. I prefer to keep kids in natural settings with blurred out backgrounds. Some kids have difficulty with natural light so I will take the kids photography in the studio. I'll take the photos in the studio with softer lighting to help keep their eyes open. The biggest mistake is trying to make the photo look perfect. All the agents that I work with do not want a photo to look made up or look “pageantry.” That type of kids photography does more harm than good. In short, a child headshot must be as natural and spontaneous as possible. I do this by talking with them to help them feel comfortable so that the picture will be more truthful.

“David, It’s been 20 years and now you are shooting my kids! You truly are so special, not to mention the best in the business!!!"
- Jackie and Maddy Silverstein

After working with kids photography for so many years I find that it’s all about the fun interaction. The magic happens out of the playfulness of the photo session rather the seriousness of it. Kids know what is real and what is contrived. The more I can relate with them with open and honest communication, the greater chance of bringing out their personality. It’s the natural and truthful expression of kids that are so precious and that are exactly what the business is looking for. And that is what I go after.

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