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A great LA Headshot is about capturing your unique quality. I’ve been a professional LA Headshot Photographer for the past 19 years helping my clients achieve their dreams. I do this by keeping my session’s creative, fun, and relaxed.

David, all I can say is, Wow! Thank you. I never felt so comfortable and confident during a shoot with a photographer I never met. I feel that I have known you forever.
– Shanon Marlyse

Getting Headshots In West LA

With so many LA Headshot photographers in Los Angeles you may ask, “Which is the best one to work with? Who will capture you and set you apart?” It begins with trust. The foundation of a great shot starts with feeling comfortable. After working for years in Los Angeles with top agents, casting directors and managers, I have witnessed the magic of great headshot.

The photos that pop out are the ones that are most natural and truthful. This is why having a relaxed setting is so important. The more you to share from your life experience, the greater chance of your personality coming through. I not only help bring out your personality but also find creative ways to market it. Confidence is the result of knowing what you are selling. You get the most out of your headshot by being very clear and specific. I often hear from clients, “That didn’t even seem like a photo session. It was so much fun and easy.” My job is to help you be you. This cannot be achieved if you are not relaxed. My work is always unconditionally guaranteed. Actually, I encourage my clients to come in and take risks without worrying about the result. The “shot” that will really capture you is the one that’s the most spontaneous.

Dear David, Thanks you for an unforgettable experience today. From start to finish, it was a journey and I’m glad it was with you. Thanks you for helping me access and show my power through your lens.
- Ashley Cordelia

From start to finish my goal is to help you have an amazing experience. I am as passionate today as I was when I first started. From that very first day when I made a promise to myself that I would make each and every happy no matter what. I can honestly say that I have lived up to that ideal.

My goal is to give you a great headshot experience as well. Helping my client’s career is very rewarding to me. If I can be a positive experience then I have done my job. Actually, I never see it as “a job.” It’s a passion in that I am learning everyday and being blessed to use my creativity to help others.

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